Aquatic Care

Earth Smart’s aquatic solutions include pool, hot tub, pond and water feature maintenance, cleaning, start up and winterizing programs.

STOP spending your time worrying if you are maintaining these items correctly and let our highly skilled team take care of your pool, spa and pond so you can spend more time enjoying them!

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Pool & Spa Maintenance, Start Up & Winterizing Programs

Pools and spas require regular maintenance in order to ensure optimal efficiency and cleanliness. Earth Smart’s highly trained team uses state-of-the-art technology in order to keep your pool functioning at its best.

All of our staff are properly trained and keep up-to-date on the latest in pool maintenance services. We are certified to handle chemicals and our service is fully backed by our Smart Guarantee.

Pool & Spa Maintenance & Cleaning Program:

  • Initial inspection of your pool and spa, as well as a consultation about previous care and installer notes
  • Each scheduled service will also include an inspection for problem areas and damage
  • Equipment will be tested to ensure proper functionality
  • Water will be tested to ensure proper chemical use, tests will be compared to previous weeks and assessed accordingly
  • Each visit will include cleaning of water, filters and pool walls
  • Advanced pool solutions will be added in order to sanitize and stabilize the water
  • Pool and spa covers will also be cleaned based on need

Pool Start-up Program Includes:

  • Clean the pool bed, often requiring a pressure washer
  • Fill the pool with water
  • Add the start-up chemicals
  • Ensure that the pool tests correctly
  • Advise you on proper pool start up management prior to leaving

Pool Winterizing Program Includes:

  • Draining the pool water
  • Cleaning the pool walls to ensure an easy start-up next season
  • Lay down any tarps or pool covers
  • Properly advise you on how to avoid winter problems to ensure an easy start-up in the spring

Aquatic Features Maintenance

Aquatics features are often one of the most enjoyed parts of the home… with Earth Smart you can enjoy all the benefits while not worrying about any of the cleaning and upkeep. If your home has a pond, fountain, or any other aquatics feature, Earth Smart will take care of it. Our specially designed, environmentally friendly solutions are used to clean and maintain your water feature.

Cleaning a pond or water feature can be a time consuming and nauseating experience. With Earth Smart’s amazing solutions, you can just sit back and watch the solutions do the work. Our team can help turn your algae riddled pond back into a stunning centerpiece of your property. Plus, all of our products are safe to use around pond fish and other critters.

All of our aquatics services are backed by our Smart Guarantee. If you ever have a problem with our services, please contact us right away so we can address the issue and resolve it.

Click here to find out if these services are available in your area.

Aquatics Package:

  • Initial inspection of the feature, as well as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly checks to ensure proper functionality and cleanliness
  • Cleaning of algae using environmentally safe products from Earth Smart Solutions
  • Upon request, we have blue and black dyes that can be used to make your pond standout
  • Reporting of any malfunctioning equipment will be included in your home service report


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