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Insect Control

Are pesky mosquitoes, spiders, and ants ruining your outdoor enjoyment? Have chinch bugs invaded your lawn? Stop them in their tracks! Let us help you enjoy your yard again with our Insect Control Services.

Mosquitoes, ants and spiders are resilient pests which are annoying when you are trying to enjoy your time outdoors. Ants can also damage plants.

Chinch bugs have made their way out west and can be very damaging to lawns, first starting with one small dead patch which can expand to destroy the entire lawn.

Our pest squad offers insect control services that will help you take back your yard!

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you select the program that’s right for you.

We offer  the following insect control packages:

  • Season Long Insect Control & Protection Program (May – Sept)
    • Choose from 3 to 5 applications
  • Special Event Insect Control & Protection (Single Application)

Click on the tabs above to learn more about each one.

Choose from all natural organic protection or synthetic protection.

To download a brochure, please click here:  Insect Control

Click here to find out if these services are available in your area and to request a quote.

Season Long Insect Control & Protection Program (May – Sept)

For optimum protection from mosquitoes, ants and spiders, season-long control is highly recommended.

Earth Smart protects your family (and pets) from the nuisance and danger of mosquitoes, ants and spiders by focusing on the areas of your property where they will most likely feed and harbor. Once applied, the treatment will provide even greater protection as new airborne and crawling visitors attempt to invade your space. The residue from the treatment will knock them down too.

Our Season Long Bug Protection Program includes:

  • a walk through of your yard to identify mosquito breeding spots that should be addressed in order to prevent future bug break outs (standing water, etc)
  • control of mosquitoes, ants and spiders from May to Sept
  • 3 to 5 applications of synthetic insect control product on the landscape in your yard including your:
    • lawn
    • hedges and shrubs
    • ground cover
    • around the exterior of your home (beneath decks and stairways and so forth)
    • other areas deemed necessary as identified by your licensed applicator when at your home
  • prenotification of applications
  • written notice that we have been at your home and applied a service
  • complimentary service call if you have any issues between applications

Click here to find out if these services are available in your area and to request a quote.

For optimum protection, season-long control is highly recommended, with multiple applications.

The Earth Smart team will notify you in advance of any upcoming services and will provide written notice that we’ve been there.

You don’t need to arrange to be home during the application.

Special Event Insect Control & Protection (One Time Application)

Effective mosquito control for all your outdoor events

Are you planning an outdoor wedding, graduation party or other outdoor event? Don’t let buzzing, biting mosquitoes ruin your special day. Our special events spray will keep mosquitoes off your guest list.

Approximately 24 to 48 hours prior to guests arrival, we’ll lay down a barrier spray that includes extra protection against biting, stinging insects. It’s exactly what you need for a perfect party:

  • Eliminates or greatly reduces the number of mosquitoes that might otherwise bite guests or hover around food
  • Dries in 30 minutes, leaving no odor or visible residue

Price starting from $120 per application (GST not included) of synthetic insect control product.

Click here to find out if these services are available in your area and to request a quote.

Organic Natural Insect Control & Protection

Go “All Natural” with your pest control

If you prefer to avoid synthetics, we offer an all natural solution as an ideal alternative for your pest control. Our all natural treatment eliminates pests on contact and then continues as a repellent. It is applied to the areas of your property that pests are known to harbor and feed.

Please note that this natural repellent is not quite as effective as synthetic treatments. However, depending on your own yard and needs, it may be right for you. And, of course, if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right with another spray as soon as possible.

Mosquitoes, Ants & Spiders:

The organic natural product that is applied to your property to repel and prevent mosquitos, ants and spiders is made of garlic and is 100% organic.

Please note that after each application, you will smell garlic for several hours and the scent of garlic will linger on post application.

Click here to find out if these services are available in your area and to request a quote.


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