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Hedge Trimming

Some may think that hedge trimming looks easy enough, but it requires a keen eye and attention to detail.

If you would like to receive an estimate for trimming your hedges/shrubs, please contact us. The price will depend on how you would like your shrubs and hedges to look, amount of growth to be cut and the number of hedges/shrubs. 

Please note that we are not arborists and simply offer shaping and clean up services of dead branches. If you are looking for a licensed arborist, we would be happy to provide recommendations.

To download a brochure, please click here:  Hedge Trimming

Click here to find out if these services are available in your area and to request a quote.

Hedge Trimming

This service includes:

  • trimming dead branches from hedges and shrubs
  • light pruning/shaping of hedges and shrubs
  • clean up and removal of all debris*

* Dump fee may apply depending on volume of debris generated.

Hedge Trimming can be completed at any time throughout the growing season.

In the spring many people will trim their hedges to remove winter damage such as dead leaves and dead branches and to shape it on the top and sides, so it is uniform.

By early fall, your hedges have likely achieved their maximum growing potential and many people will trim them again at this time. If you wait too far into fall for hedging, you risk them not recovering fast enough to prevent frost damage.

Depending on the size of your hedges, we will use a variety of instruments to trim them. We use a combination of power tools and traditional tools that ensure that the job is done precisely.

Please note that we are not arborists and simply offer clean up and shaping services.

We also will ensure that the trimmings are disposed of properly. If the amount of trimmings is large enough, we will take them away and properly dispose of them


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