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Vegetation Control

Your home is the single largest investment that you likely will ever make.  It is a source of pride and we want to help put a smile on your face every time you walk up your driveway, by helping to create a healthy lawn and yard for you to admire and enjoy year-round.

At Earth Smart Property Solutions, vegetation control has been our focus and specialty for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on providing our customers the very best quality and service possible.

We have to admit … weeds are the bane of our existence. We hate weeds with a passion because they prevent our customers from having a perfect looking home and property.  It is the mission of our experienced staff  to destroy all weeds.

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Vegetation Control

Do you have a strip of grass in your back alley where you set your trash cans that you would like to eliminate? Or perhaps you have foliage that is inconvenient to access and maintain, between your property and your neighbor’s that you would like to get rid of? Then our Vegetation Control services is what you need.

Our vegetation control products are specially formulated to help you eliminate pesky weeds, grass and other vegetation all season long to help you take back control of your property.

Environmentally friendly option

This service also comes with an environmentally friendly option from our sister company, Earth Smart Solutions. Our eco-friendly fertilizer package is a powerful and effective blend of naturally occurring ingredients that yields amazing results. This product supplies carbon-rich environmentally friendly materials and specialized microorganisms that boost the power of your soil.


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