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Green-Thumbed Joy: 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Seasoned Gardeners

By December 5, 2023No Comments

As the festive season approaches, the spirit of giving is in full bloom. For our beloved green thumbs, particularly those who’ve cultivated gardens over the years and have some issues bending, kneeling and carrying heavy items, finding a Christmas gift that makes their favourite hobby easier and less stressful on their body, can add an extra layer of joy to the holiday season and keep you on the “nice” list!

Below are a variety of handpicked and thoughtful gift ideas designed to make gardening extra delightful again for mature gardening enthusiasts. Warning: Not all of these gifts will fit under the tree.🎄🎁

1. Garden Kneeler and Seat

Wrap up comfort with a garden kneeler and seat. Perfect for moments of respite during gardening, it eases strain on knees and back, ensuring a comfortable gardening experience.

“Turn the kneeler over and the handles become legs, and the platform a handy seat for weeding raised borders or just for resting.” (Lee Valley)

Image compliments of Lee Valley


2. Ergonomic Hand Tools Set

Upgrade their gardening arsenal with ergonomic hand tools. Designed for ease of use, lightweight ergonomic tools reduce strain on joints, making digging and planting a breeze.

Image compliments of Canadian Tire

For extra points, include a Kids Gardening Set as well so the grandchildren can help Grandma and Grandpa and spend quality time together outdoors. Check out Home Hardware’s Kids Gardening Set.

Image compliments of Home Hardware


3. Long-Handled Tools Collection

Make reaching for plants and tending to flower beds easier with a set of long-handled tools. These tools minimize the need for bending.

4. Raised Garden Bed Kit

This Christmas, elevate their gardening game with a raised garden bed kit.

Give the gift of convenience by eliminating excessive bending and making planting, weeding, and harvesting more accessible.

Image compliments of Home Depot

5. Rolling Garden Cart

Gift them the freedom to move effortlessly around the garden with a rolling garden cart. A rolling garden cart is perfect for transporting flowers, pots, heavy soil, mulch, gravel and gardening tools and bringing in your vegetable harvest at the end of the season.

This practical gift eliminates the need for carrying heavy or awkward items long distances.

If you decide to purchase this item for a loved one, be sure to get one with wide wheels to help steady the load.

Image compliments of Lowes

6. Elevated Planters or Hanging Baskets

Bring their favorite blooms closer to eye level with elevated planters or hanging baskets. A delightful addition to any garden, these reduce the need to stoop or bend.

Image compliments of Blue Grass

Blue Grass has a vast selection of planters with store locations in Red Deer and Calgary.

7. Garden Apron with Pockets

Keep tools, seeds, and accessories within easy reach with a garden apron featuring multiple pockets. Practical and stylish, it’s the perfect accessory for every gardening endeavor.

8. Lightweight Watering Can with Long Spout

Ensure plants stay hydrated with a lightweight watering can. The long spout reaches every corner of the garden without the need for excessive bending.

Image compliments of Lee Valley


9. Garden Stool with Wheels

Combine mobility and comfort with a garden stool equipped with wheels. It allows for easy movement while seated, minimizing strain on knees and back.

10. Self-Watering Planters

Simplify watering tasks with self-watering planters. These maintain consistent moisture levels, reducing the need for frequent bending and watering.

Image compliments of Blue Grass

11. Weed-Pulling Services

Give the gift of your time. Help them with weed-pulling throughout the growing season, or donate your time when it comes time to plant and then clean up at the end of the season, when there is lots of carrying, hauling, dumping and more.

12. Lawn Care Gift Certificate

If mobility prevents them from easily cutting their grass and caring for it throughout the season, then consider securing a professional service provider to do it for them. This will save their body from the strain of these tasks and give them more time to do the things they enjoy outside.

Earth Smart Property Solutions would be happy to help with lawn fertilizer and weed control, aerating, spring and fall clean-ups and mowing. Learn more about our services here. Please call your local office to inquire about purchasing a gift certificate for any of our lawn care services.

Please consider supporting local this holiday season to benefit our local economy, small businesses and the people they employ.

This Christmas, let your gift not only express your love but also enhance the gardening experience for your cherished green-thumbed friends and family. At Earth Smart Property Solutions, we believe in cultivating joy, both in the garden and beyond.

Happy holidays and happy gardening!