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Lawn Care

2024: When Can I Expect my First Application of Fertilizer & Weed Control?

By May 14, 2024No Comments

Have you booked a Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control Package with us? If that’s a yes then you may be wondering, “when can I expect my first application of fertilizer and weed control?”


If you have booked a lawn care package, the timing of your first application is contingent upon several factors.


Applying lawn fertilizer and weed controlFirst, it depends on the condition of your yard.  

Our Team at Earth Smart Property Solutions will contact all residential customers before their first application of the season to make sure that their yard is ready.  If you have a north facing yard or require weed control where snow was piled and it is slow to melt, we can’t begin applying fertilizer and weed control products to your lawn until the snow has melted and we can actually see your lawn. Yards with south exposure will likely be ready far before yards with north exposure for example.


Secondly, in spring 2024 we implemented an auto renewal system. We are contacting all clients to make sure they would like to renew plus to secure pre-payment. If we haven’t been able to get a hold of you, but you would like to renew, then you won’t get this service until we either receive an email, a call and payment.


Third, it depends on the weather. In order to apply our lawn care and weed control products it can’t be raining or windy.

Fourth, it depends on which program you have selected:
  • Emerald Lawn Care Package (includes 5 applications and either a spring or fall core aeration)
  • Sapphire Lawn Care Package (includes 4 applications)
  • Jade Lawn Care Package (includes 3 applications).
For residential customers requesting 5 applications, we start our season performing those applications first.
Generally we start applying our fertilizer and weed control applications the first or second week of May (again depending on the weather and snow conditions), so you can expect your first application soon if you haven’t received it already.
If you would like more information, please contact your local office and one of our team will be happy to answer your questions.