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Meet our Team

Meet Graham Our Head Lawn Care Specialist in Red Deer

By February 25, 2021No Comments

When selecting a service provider, it is important to compare prices, know what is and isn’t included in the service, to consider how long the company has been in business, to ask around if anyone else has heard of them if you haven’t and a thousand other little things such as are they local, do they offer environmentally friendly options depending on the service and more.

But what is possibly even more important are the people who will be performing your services. Have they been with the company for long? How much experience do they have? Are they approachable, friendly and do they keep their word?

With this in mind, we’d like you to Meet our Staff in our Calgary and Red Deer Locations.

This month we will be introducing Graham Racz, who runs our Red Deer Earth Smart Property Solutions location.

How long have you been with ESPS?

I started with ESPS (then Green Oasis) in May of 2010 as a summer student while attending Red Deer College.

What is something you have learned since working at ESPS?

I’ve learned the value of teamwork and the importance of having a great pool of knowledge and experience to draw from.

How has working at ESPS helped you professionally or personally?

Professionally, ESPS has helped me grow into a leadership position by mentoring new staff and students. It’s been satisfying being able to see employees develop professionally, learn new skills and watch them fine-tune their existing qualities.

Personally, ESPS has opened the door to new personal and working friendships. I appreciate the different walks of life that brings everyone together for one common goal – the love of lawncare.

What are two skills that you believe are crucial for your position?

The ability to listen, understand and communicate effectively are crucial in a happy, efficient workplace.

Troubleshooting and being able to tackle new problems as they arrive are extremely important in day-to-day operations.

Are there any funny stories that you would like to share from your experiences at ESPS?

None that are appropriate to discuss here… 😊

Kidding aside, during the busy season we work long, hard hours, trying to work around the weather. You won’t make it through without a bit of humor. Positive team environment is everything. Practical jokes are common.

Staff BBQ’s on a Friday afternoon when the work gets finished is something everyone looks forward to.

What do you find is the most common lawn care mistake people make?

Mowing their grass too short. Close second is improper watering habits.

If you could give homeowner’s any advice, based on the 1000’s of lawns you’ve seen since you started working at ESPS, what would it be?

Love your lawn. Enjoy your yard. Make your outdoor living space feel like “home”.

A quick call to ESPS and a little bit of planning can make your outdoor vision come true.

What is your favourite part about your job?

Relationships – the staff and co-workers, visiting with customers, seeing a project come to completion as well as the satisfaction from a job well done.

What is your favourite hobby?

Hobbies around my place typically include the whole crew – including my wife Kate, two boys; Cruz and Cash and our two dogs; Soph and Bert.

We enjoy visiting with friends and family, traveling, spending time outdoors, camping, fishing, movie nights, hockey, snowboarding, snowmobiling, lake days or jumping on the motorcycles when time permits.

What is your favorite place you have visited?


Would you rather be on the beach or in the mountains?

Mountains for me – strong beach vote from my wife. Kids are neutral.