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Reasons to Overseed Your Grass

By March 8, 2021No Comments
Backyard Gathering with bare patches on lawn

With the snow slowly melting and the grass beginning to peak through, it is starting to feel like spring just may be around the corner.

Did you notice last year that your lawn has bare patches or that it is looking unhealthy? Or perhaps it is slow growing? Then it may be time to think about overseeding your grass.

Overseeding is different than reseeding.

Our overseeding process involves cutting into your soil and injecting grass seed below the surface for maximum germination.

Reseeding is when you start over, go back to bare dirt and plant new seed.

If you just have some bare patches or thin spots, then overseeding is likely all you need to do.  Overseeding your grass will not only help improve the appearance of your lawn, it will also protect the ground, increase your home’s value and more.

Reasons to overseed:

1. Older Lawn

Over time, grass ages and gets older and needs to be replaced. Older, worn out lawns also invite weed growth.

2. Overseeding Will Help Thicken Your Grass and Leave Less Room for Weeds to Emerge

If you have bare patches of grass, prime conditions are created for weeds to take over.

Before seeding your grass, it is recommended to first take control of your weeds, then your new grass will have fewer weeds to complete against for nutrients and space in order to grow.

3. Overseeding Will Help Protect the Ground and Get Rid of Bare Patches on Your Lawn

Bare patches of grass are not only an eyesore, but did you know, they can also damage the ground?

Grass helps the ground by:

  • helping stop soil erosion.
  • helping protect the soil from getting burnt by shading it and keeping in moisture.

4. Overseeding will Increase Curb Appeal

If you are thinking about selling your house, then it is a good idea to take a close look at the lawn. A well cared for green, lush lawn can increase the value of your home. Plus potential buyers will figure if you care enough to properly maintain the lawn, then you likely will have attention to detail in upkeeping the rest of the home and property as well.

5. Excessive Thatch

Excessive thatch, if not dealt with over time, can eventually kill the grass.

6. Poor Soil

Grass will have difficulty growing if you have poor soil health.

You can improve the health of your soil by adding soil amendments with macro and micro nutrients, or by adding a thin layer of rich compost or enriched soil.

If you would like to overseed your lawn, then check out our blog “How to Properly Renovate a Lawn” for tips on how to prepare your lawn and overseed.

If your lawn could benefit from overseeding but you don’t have time to complete this on our own, then check out our Lawn Smart Rejuvenation Package which is available in our Calgary and Red Deer locations.

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