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Snow Removal

Service Spotlight: Snow Removal Services

By August 5, 2021No Comments
Snow Removal

Have you heard that Earth Smart Property Solutions is now offering snow removal services?

While winter may seem far away right now, eventually it will be back and who knows what type of weather we will get in Alberta this winter? Especially since we generally have snowy weather on and off 6 months of the year! They say there are 3 seasons in Alberta – Winter, Spring, and Construction!

Shovelling snow can be a tedious, exhausting, and potentially injuring task on your body, especially with how often we seem to get snowfall here, not to mention the amount during the ‘heavy’ snow fall periods.

Not only is shovelling the right thing to do as a neighbour/citizen, it lessens the chance of a slip, fall, or injury to others who use your sidewalk.

Instead of using up your free time to do the shovelling yourself, give our snow removal service a try!

Remember: According to Bylaw, Albertans need to clear snow off their property, including sidewalks, by a certain timeframe depending on where you live.

  • Calgary: within 24 hours after snowfall has ended (Source: City of Calgary)
  • Red Deer: within 72 hours of a snowfall (Source: City of Red Deer)
  • Innisfail: within 48 hours after a snowfall (Source: Town of Innisfail)
  • Sylvan Lake: within 48 hours of a snowfall (Source: Town of Sylvan Lake)

Our dedicated team of snow removal professionals will make sure that your property is taken care of promptly, efficiently and with outstanding attention to detail.


Our snow removal services include:

  • sidewalks
  • pathways
  • stairs
  • driveways
  • decks
  • patios
  • rear walk services

To check if we offer our snow removal services in your area, please click here.


We have created 4 snow removal programs. Our snow removal programs range from Basic to All Inclusive and start November 1 and end March 31.

The following is included in all of our monthly programs:

  • Unlimited site visits after each snowfall (maximum of once per day)
  • Snow clearing within 24 hrs of a snowfall

To learn more about each program, click here.


We are pleased to say all snow removal services are backed by what we call a smart guarantee. If you ever have an issue with your snow and ice removal services, please contact us and we will return to your property as soon as possible to address the issue to ensure that you are happy with the completion of your services.


Click here to find out if these services are available in your area and to request a quote.


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