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Signs That Your Gutters Need Cleaning

By October 12, 2022February 28th, 2024One Comment
Plants growing in dirty gutters

In order to avoid issues caused by clogged gutters, it is important to clean your gutters at least once a year.

Not sure when you last cleaned them or if they need cleaning? Well here are some things to watch for:

10 Signs that your gutters need cleaning:

Sign 1: Overflowing Water

Water is overflowing and not flowing through the gutter and into the downpipe when it rains or you try flushing it with water.

Sign 2: Dripping Water

Water is dripping along the gutters due to clogs or you see leaks when you flush your gutters with a garden hose.

Sign 3: Ice Dams

Ice dams in the winter.

Sign 4: Bulges & Sags

You can see bulges or sags in your gutters or downspouts.

Sign 5: Plants

Plants are growing in your gutters.

Sign 6: Waterfalls

Downspouts are spraying out a waterfall when it rains rather than water flowing through them.

Sign 7: Water Is Where It Shouldn’t Be

You notice water around the foundation of your home or signs of water damage inside your home.

Sign 8: Stain Marks

Stain marks on your siding.

Sign 9: Animals

Birds and other animals are nesting in your gutters or you can hear them walking on the roof.

Sign 10: Can’t Remember

You can’t remember the last time you cleaned your gutters.

For tips on how to clean your gutters, check out our blog, “Tips on How to Clean Gutters and Downspouts“.


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