Tree & Shrub Deep Root Fertilizer

Maintain & Improve Your Tree & Shrub Landscape Investment

Trees and shrubs are a significant investment in a commercial landscape. Utilizing a fertilization program designed specifically for our region, plant species and growing seasons makes sense both financially and environmentally. A commercial landscape enhanced by healthy trees and shrubs adds curb appeal and increases property value.

Earth Smart Property Solutions specially blended liquid soil injection feedings are designed to assist in keeping your trees and shrubs healthy, strong and beautiful. The feedings are scheduled in the spring and fall and are an essential component for proper plant health.

Treatment service is based on a cost per tree or shrub and a site visit charge that ensures simple
billing reconciliation for you and your clients.

Deep Root Fertilization allows nutrients to go directly to the roots, making them easily available for intake. Your trees and shrubs will thank you.

Benefits include:
* Creates spectacular foliage
* Encourages new growth
* Improves overall health of trees and shrubs
* Helps trees and shrubs withstand the harsh Alberta climate better

Signs That Your Trees & Shrubs Can Use Fertilizing:

  • Trees and shrubs are slow growing
  • Dull foliage
  • Tree has pests such as aphids. A healthy tree is better suited to fight off pests and other pathogens
  • Trees are mature and appear to be stressed or not looking as healthy as could be
  • Trees are young and in growth cycle

Tree & Shrub Deep Root Fertilization is recommended twice per year in the spring and fall.  Our liquid soil injections are specially blended each season to provide your trees and shrubs with the nutrients they require to keep them looking healthy and strong year round.

To download a brochure, please click here:  Tree & Shrub Deep Root Fertilizer

PRICE STARTING AT:  $55.00 (plus GST)

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Spring Deep Root Tree & Shrub Fertilizer:

Spring Tree & Shrub Deep Root Fertilizer is applied mid to late April and May.

This application provides the plant with the necessary blend of nutrients in the Spring for healthy growth and provides increased resistance to disease and pests.

Fall Deep Root Tree & Shrub Fertilizer:

Fall Tree & Shrub Deep Root Fertilizer is applied mid September to late October.

This application will increase the plant’s ability to produce and store energy reserves before freeze-up and will assist with Winter hardiness.

Our Smart Guarantee

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