Weed and Vegetation Control Services

Vegetation Control

Earth Smart Property Solutions has the knowledge and experience to help with your Vegetation Management Program and take control and eliminate unsightly weeds and unwanted vegetation.

  • Commercial Properties: Fence lines, compound areas, storage yards & parking lots
  • Industrial Clients: Sub stations, right-of-ways & road ways
  • Developers & Home Builders: New homes without landscaped yards & vacant lots
  • Landscape Companies: Any area that requires weed & vegetation control
  • Property Management Companies & Condo Projects: Common areas & parking lots

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Benefits of a Vegetation Management Program

  • Cost: Spraying is likely the cheapest form of vegetation control. If the program is followed, repeat applications are reduced and overall site maintenance is much lower in the long term.
  • Effective: Herbicides are a highly effective, safe and cost effective vegetation management tool.
  • Control Noxious Weeds: We can help control noxious and prohibited noxious weeds under the Alberta Weed Control Act and help prevent the spread to public or neighbouring properties.
  • Safety: A clean site improves visibility, reduces fire risk, mitigates unwanted weeds and growth and reduces fire hazards for overgrown sites.
  • Appearance: A well-kept property is visually appealing and can increase property values. It also conveys a sense of pride, care and “professionalism” both to the general public and to your customers.

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Vegetation Management Services:

Broadleaf Weed Control:

  • Non-residual, selective herbicide. Controls hard to kill weeds in turf including
    dandelions, clover, chickweed, thistle, ivy and more. We recommend 2 to 3 treatments per year

Non-Selective Non-Residual Weed Control:

  • A broad spectrum weed control herbicide ideal for any unwanted vegetation including  broadleaf weeds and grasses. We recommend 1 to 2 treatments per year.

Noxious Weed Treatment:

  • A residual, selective, broadleaf herbicide targeting weeds, brush and trees with no
    harm to grass. Attaches to organic material in the surface soil layers, reducing surface water runoff, wind erosion or leaching into ground water tables. Requires one treatment per year.

Non-Selective Residual Weed Control:

  • A pre and post emergent herbicide designed for season long control of most weeds and grassy weeds. It binds to soil to resist leaching or lateral ground movement. Requires one
    treatment per year.

Our Smart Guarantee

Our services are backed by our Smart Guarantee. If you ever have an issue with your services, please contact us and we will return to your site as soon as possible to address the issue to ensure that you are happy with the completion of your services.


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